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Apartments in Montpellier for Rugby World Cup
Hi Rugby World Cup Fans!

Montpellier is gearing up for the thousands of fans expected to descend on our town in just 2 months.

While I was out walking the other day, I noticed that the Gare St. Roch train station has erected an enormous goal post in honor of the World Cup!

SNCF, the French railway, is offering some great travel deals for avid fans who want to visit the other match sites throughout France.

A lot of bars within walking distance of our apartment are also getting ready, with large-screen TVs and decorations.

Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub has a ton of TVs and lots of space for fans. And their outdoor terrace is a summer dream! And their sister bar, O'Carolan's, is just as great.

Mi Barrio, another neighborhood favorite, has awesome drink specials throughout the week, and no doubt will be catering to sports fans during the World Cup.

For up to the minute news on all the goings on around town and around the region, you can always check on The Languedoc Page, which covers all the news in English for visitors and expats.

We are still looking for takers on our apartment, so keep those referrals coming!


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Click here to check out our photo gallery of the first apartment, with full descriptions.


Centrally located
One bedroom, sleeps 3
Living room with balcony, sleeps 1
Kitchen with fridge, stove, mini oven, cookware, utensils, the whole deal
Bathroom with shower/tub
WC with washing machine
Wifi, cable TV, DVD player, telephone

Then, if you're interested, just send us an email - montpel.apts@gmail.com - and we'll let you know availability and pricing!

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We are right in the middle of everything! Just steps away from where the Australian Rugby Team will be staying!

Click Here To See Our Montpellier Apartments On Google Maps

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Welcome to our blog!  Here are some links we found that we just love:

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Stay tuned for pics and info of our available apartments!

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